Mega DC (Automated Distribution Center)

Mega DC

To respond quickly to market conditions, as well as the diverse needs of consumers and customers, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan has been working on the "Shinsei Project" since May 2016 to optimize logistics. As part of these efforts, the Mega DCs (automated distribution centers) were built as hubs equipped with the largest product storage and shipping capacities of the Coca-Cola System in Japan. In February 2021, the Saitama Mega DC began operations on the premises of our Saitama Plant. In July 2022, the Akashi Mega DC also began operations to support our logistics systems in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kinki region.

Automation of Facilities for Efficient Warehouse Operations

The mega DCs integrate product sorting, picking, and other logistics processes as well as the inventory and storage into one location. This allows us to build a network that achieves timely end-to-end delivery from production to customers and vending machines. In addition, by promoting automation of facilities, such as in the warehouse, mixed-load palletizing robots, and RORO (roll-on/roll-off) stations which are rare on land, the Mega DCs are now able to store products efficiently and shorten the work process of personnel and the time required for outbound operations.

Logistics flow within mega DC

  • Receipt

  • Storage

  • Picking and Packing

  • Shipping

Logistics flow within sales center

Before the Mega DC operations, our sales centers would operate as stock-type sites. Products received were stored within sales centers before being loaded into the route cars for shipping.
With the introduction of Mega DCs, sales centers in the target areas have been transformed into cross-docking sites with no inventory. This reduces warehouse work in the sales centers, leading to a reduction in inventory management staff. In addition, products are received sorted by each route car, so that they can be loaded without picking work, reducing the salesperson’s workload.


  • Receipt

  • Storage

  • Picking

  • Loading

  • Shipping


  • Receipt

  • Loading

  • Shipping

Mega DC overview

Saitama Mega DC

Location Saitama Plant premises, 943-1 Shimohosoya, Yoshimi-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture
Total building floor area 33,943 sq. meters
Storage capacity Approx. 60,000 pallets
Shipping capacity Approx. 85,000,000 cases per year
Operation start February 2021
Shipping area Tokyo and Saitama Prefectures

Akashi Mega DC

Location Akashi Plant premises, 152 Nishiwaki, Okubo-cho, Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture
Total building floor area 33,056 sq. meters
Storage capacity Approx. 60,000 pallets
Shipping capacity Approx. 80,000,000 cases per year
Operation start July 2022
Shipping area Osaka and Hyogo Prefectures


Mixed-load palletizing robot

A robot that stacks multiple products together on a single pallet for delivery. It efficiently loads assorted sizes of products onto pallets.

Automated warehouse

The high-density storage system is adopted, and both Saitama and Akashi DCs can store 60,000 pallets.

High-speed transport trolley

A facility that receives incoming products to an automated warehouse and transfers loaded mix-loaded pallets to the shipping area. Products can be transported quickly at a speed of 200 meters per minute.

RORO (roll-on/roll-off) station

An automated facility that loads and unloads approximately 1,500 cases of products in one batch. Compared to forklift operation, the time required for loading and unloading trucks can be reduced by approximately 70%.
* For 500ml PET bottle products