Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan installed a vending machine for heatstroke prevention at public junior high schools in Fujiidera City
Cooperation in the field of education based on “Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement” with Fujiidera City

Jul 20, 2021
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. (Headquarters in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President Calin Dragan; hereafter “CCBJI”) installed heatstroke prevention vending machines at 2 public junior high schools (Fujiidera City Daisan Junior High School on June 3; Fujiidera Junior High School on June 28) in Fujiidera City (Mayor: Kazuki Okada; hereafter “Fujiidera City”).


The installation of the vending machine was carried out based on the “Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement” concluded on October 27, 2020 with Fujiidera City (hereafter “this Agreement”) (Note 1). This agreement aims for growth and development of the communities through improvement of public services, creation of attractive towns etc. by reinforcing mutual cooperation and driving community revitalization in Fujiidera City.


Vending machines were installed in the city's public junior high schools (Fujiidera Junior High School and Fujiidera City Daisan Junior High School) as there was a comment from parents and students “a lot of water intake is necessary especially for students who join club activities, but bringing a water bottle is a burden” while heatstroke prevention is emphasized more than ever before because of wearing a mask to prevent COVID-19 infection. In addition, students are allowed to work on improving their self-teaching abilities by determining rules for their own use when installing vending machines.


We strive to achieve CSV (Creating Shared Value) goals to address community challenges through our core business and cooperation with Fujiidera City also in various fields.


[Comment from Fujiidera City Mayor Kazuki Okada]

After setting up a corporate partnership desk in 2020, Fujiidera City has worked on diversifying social issues in partnership with corporations and universities. While the city is also known as a commuter town of Osaka City, we intend to make efforts to realize a sustainable society by carrying out and spreading various verification tests as the "Fujiidera model" throughout the country, taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the fifth smallest city area in Japan. As Furuichi Kofun Group, which spans from our city to Habikino City, was registered as Osaka's first World Heritage site together with Mozu Kofun Group in 2019, we aim to be a city that can send out messages throughout Japan or to the world. It is our honor to work on installing vending machines this time to public junior high schools as a measure to prevent heatstroke through cooperation with Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. under the “Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration” already concluded. I’m very happy that it was achieved quickly as we are hearing voices of concern from parents regarding heatstroke. I’m also pleased with realizing a new initiative that a company supports junior high schools thanks to the offer extended by Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. with a desire to provide educational support to junior high schools leveraging its know-how. We hope to develop people who carry the future society by the society and the communities as a whole through public private partnership.


[Comment from CCBJI Vending Yao SC Manager Morita]

After concluding “Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration” in 8 fields in October 2020, Fujiidera City kindly installed our vending machines in 2 public junior high schools as a measure to prevent heatstroke for all students this time. I was very impressed by the fact that students were all proactively thinking about and working on the rules of vending machine use themselves upon installation. CCBJI will continue to discuss not only heatstroke prevention but also educational assistance measures etc. with Fujiidera City. We hope to help deliver happy moments further to the people of Fujiidera City through continued collaboration and cooperation with the city going forward.


[Summary of vending machine installation]

Date and place

: June 3, Fujiidera City Daisan Junior High School (Address: 1-2-1 Hayashi, Fujiidera City, Osaka)

: June 28, Fujiidera City Fujiidera Junior High School (Address: 2-9 Mifunecho, Fujiidera City, Osaka)

Remark: During a disaster, each junior high school serves as a designated evaluation site and the installed vending machines provide beverages free of charge in the event of a disaster as “a disaster-relief vending machine”.



Fujiidera City Daisan Junior High School



Fujiidera City Fujiidera Junior High School


(Note 1) News release: Concluded “Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement for Community Revitalization” with Fujiidera City, Osaka


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