Much-talked-about "MOCKTAILS"

'Mocktail' is a word coined by the combination of 'mock' meaning to resemble or to imitate and 'cocktail', as a new way to call a non-alcohol cocktail.

Fruity & stylish is the basics of 'Mocktail' that has been gaining popularity in London as a drink to enjoy alcohol-free beverages! It's increasingly handled by E&D outlets as a special drink which allows even those who can't drink or a designated driver to enjoy!

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  • Lime & Tonic

  • Orange Ginger

  • Ginger Ale Tea

  • Black & Coke

  • Cassis Grape & Coke

Mocktail at home!

You can easily enjoy 'Mocktail' even at home only with an additional twist to an any ordinary drink.

After mixing a familiar Coca-Cola product topped with cut fruit, voila, one-of-a-kind special drink is made! Enjoy Mocktail party together with family and friends you love to be around.
  • Mocktail at home party version(30 sec)

  • Mocktail at home a married couple version(30 sec)

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