Positions & Job Duties

  • SCM


To hold responsibility for formulating and promoting supply chain strategies with the aim of strengthening the entire value chain, and to establish an efficient supply system in order to manufacture safe, secure, and high-quality products and deliver them to customers at a low cost.


They procure beverage bases from Coca-Cola Japan and manufacture safe, secure, and high-quality products under strict quality control at each plant.


They formulate and promote logistics strategies for transporting products manufactured at each plant to our sales bases, storing them there, and then transporting them to our customers.


To maximize our sales, profits, and market share by planning and implementing sales initiatives in order to deliver products and services suitable for a wide range of age groups and a variety of beverage opportunities.

Retail & Food Service Channels

They are working to expand the handling of our products in restaurants by proposing drink menus that use our products.

In particular, they are deploying non-alcoholic cocktails as “mocktails” in an effort to capture new demand. Additionally, they are working to increase the number of stores with which we do business by utilizing selling equipment such as regular coffee machines and tabletop coolers at kiosks. Furthermore, in response to our customers' growing need for online shopping, they are also focusing on sales activities for online stores.

Vending Channel

Vending delivers products to customers through vending machines.

In order to increase per-VM sales, they are working to make our vending machines more attractive by introducing new products and VM-exclusive products, and also by ensuring that each VM's product assortment is befitting of the location in which it is installed. Additionally, they are focusing on activities determined to be profitable, such as the proactive expansion into high-potential indoor locations, in order to secure prime locations for installing new VMs. Furthermore, they are working on utilizing IT to provide new value with the Coke ON smartphone app that we launched in 2016.

Chain Store Channel

They are striving to revitalize supermarket PoCs by launching campaigns that correspond to seasons and special events.

Additionally, they are working to increase sales and generate profit by meticulously conducting sales activities, such as selling suitable products (brand, volume, package) at optimal wholesale prices in accordance with each outlet's line of business and special characteristics. Meanwhile, they are working to increase sales in convenience stores by introducing new products and deploying joint promotions with our customers.


Planning & Marketing formulate sales policies and strategies while managing the overall sales performance. They also support front line sales personnel in order to establish our competitive advantage and enhance business performance.


To maintain and improve our company's functions by utilizing management resources to create growth as specialists in each field.


Finance provides solutions to the problems faced by each department from a financial perspective, making full use of data analysis and financial modeling techniques. They also develop financial strategies to achieve long-term corporate growth and support managerial decision-making.

IT (Business Systems)

In order to provide our customers with products and services that have new value, IT (Business Systems) creates and establishes business processes, information systems, and their usage environments while leading the business transformation and the Digital Transformation (DX).


They develop plans and systems that enable each and every employee to demonstrate their respective abilities to the maximum extent.
They are working to strengthen our employees and our company through people development, and also to create a rewarding work environment for our employees.