Using teamwork to face unprecedented challenges for the benefit of the company

Corporate Communications Division
Public Relations Department, Media Relation Section

*As of 2021 Dec.

Minako K.

She joined the company in 2020. She has previous experience doing PR for a luxury brand and digital marketing for an IT company. Currently, she works primarily from home. During her breaks, she goes to the park, and on her off days, she recharges through hiking or golf at nearby locations.

Question 1

Please tell us about your work.

I am responsible for publicity work such as operating the corporate site in line with management and business strategies.

The Public Relations Department creates plans for media strategies in line with management and business strategies and handles various forms of media, and I am mostly responsible for operating the corporate site. We plan and create articles and issue press releases on new Coca Cola products, campaign updates, company activities, and local news in order to improve the value of the company. These plans are implemented after discussions on the content and timing to achieve the intended result, but the effects of publicity work cannot be measured with clear numerical values, which makes it difficult to assess. For us, accomplishments and meaning come in the form of responses to our media, requests for interviews, article publications, and people in the company saying that “this is the kind of page that they were waiting for.”

Question 2

What is your team like?

Having a good relationship makes it so that the skills and strengths of the people on the team contribute to the strength of the team.

Our department has employees with various backgrounds, including new graduates and mid-career hires. The members who come from sales are reliable for their knowledge of on-site needs, and members with extensive career experience come from different fields such as IT and sports. They have various strengths, such as strong knowledge of social media, and they are highly skilled at managing and responding to crises. I believe that we have a culture that is strengthened by our members' skills and teamwork. Members and supervisors have a relationship allowing them to speak plainly with each other. There are many things that can be learned from daily conversation, and I am happy if my knowledge and experience can help someone or contribute to their growth.

Question 3

What are your future goals?

I want to continue to face unprecedented challenges while improving myself.

I want to deepen my understanding of the company's management and business strategies and consider and execute PR plans from a higher perspective in conjunction with these strategies. Therefore, I may need to face unprecedented challenges. One reason I joined the company was because during the job interview, I got the feeling that the culture encourages facing challenges. In actuality, supervisors provide their full support for the realization of bold plans, and team members are cooperative. In the future, I would like to improve my skills while using the teamwork of our department to continue to face challenges.

Question 4

Message for applicants

The company promotes various initiatives, and you can really feel its contributions to society.

Through vending machine sales and agreements with local governments, the company provides local stimulus and disaster support, and it is also actively engaged in sustainability initiatives like SDGs. One appeal of the company is that you can feel useful to society and its people. Let's work together!