Facing future challenges for the next step that appears as one gains experience

Vending Area Sales
VM Kinki District, VM Kyoto SC

*As of 2021 Dec.

Tsuyoshi H.

He joined the company in 2010. With a complete change from his previous job, and having no experience in the industry or occupation when joining the company, he is now responsible for expanding the sale of vending machines. One thing he enjoys about work is seeing vending machines that were installed based on his proposals. In his private life, he enjoys drinking Coca Cola products with his family.

Question 1

Please tell us about your work.

I make installation proposals for vending machines to customers in various industries

I am responsible for the sale of the company's vending machines. Whether the building is a government institution, educational institution, supermarket, hotel, or amusement center, so long as there is space for a vending machine to be installed we can work with them. I am responsible for the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture, and I visit new and existing customers every day while sharing information on the installation status in my area with other sales departments. I always try to have an efficient schedule and achieve the maximum results with limited time. Each employee is given considerable control, and this style of working, where I can develop and execute my own strategies to achieve goals, is a good fit for me. Another advantage is being able to meet many different kinds of people from different industries.

Question 2

Why did you join the company?

I love Coca Cola, and I wanted to work with the company, and I also wanted to face challenges to improve myself

My previous job in manufacturing focused on repetitive work. I wanted to try a new job that fit me better, and by chance I found a job posting for the company. I jumped at the chance because I love Coca Cola, and I wanted to work with the company. At first, I was responsible for re-filling the vending machines with product, but over time I wanted to try selling vending machines. I told my supervisor that I wanted to try sales while continuing to refill vending machines. With the start of my current duties, my path has opened up to the next step, which would be an account manager or corporate sales. While gaining experience and achieving results, I want to continue to face challenges to see how far I can grow in a company of this scale.

Question 3

What is your team like?

Information is shared through an internal social media that contributes to team unity

There are currently ten people in the department. Each person engages in sales activities according to their personal schedule, but we make full use of an internal social media to share success stories and exchange information. Opportunities to meet directly have decreased due to COVID-19, and the department has discussed how information should be shared. As a result, we can now share information in real time better than before, and members can work together toward their goals. March and April each year are a busy period because of agreement renewals, etc., but our teamwork and group cohesiveness greatly help us get through it

Question 4

Message for applicants

In this environment you can improve yourself while learning various things.

By meeting many people inside and outside of the company, I have learned various things and used them to grow. This is the optimal environment for those who want to broaden their work and improve their skills.