Career Development & Trainings

Development policy


To achieve our mission to "deliver happy moments to everyone while creating value", and we are required to create business and further increase competitiveness under the strong will of "business as usual is not an option".

For our continuous growth in the rapidly changing environment, an organizational culture which encourages constant self-learning, learning from others, and succession of such learning, as well as the strong mindset of "Learning", which is one of our values, are necessary.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan is seriously addressing development measures to gain new knowledge, capabilities, mindset, and leadership to realize each employee's desire to learn.

Training results

20,755 employees

(Total number of trainees for 2020)

126,736 hours

(Total number of training hours for 2020)

Company-wide people development program

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan's people development program is composed of company-wide trainings to develop knowledge, capabilities, and leadership necessary for each level, and department trainings to develop expert skills required for each department to which each employee belongs. We broadly provide development opportunities according to the individual needs, and drive each employee's improvement of abilities to create values.

Dept trainings for Supply Chain department

More than 130 knowledge and skills development program contents based on the department‘s organizational issues are provided annually, including online ones.

Next generation leaders development program

Coca-Cola University Japan was established in Jul 2020. Leaders are separated into levels according to the title, and 3 programs are conducted over 6 months, and more than 100 next generation leaders are born each year.
Its objective is to increase the value of the Coca-Cola system by developing leaders who strongly drive transformation and by generating new values for the beverage business towards sustainable growth. With the purpose of learning 5 leadership capabilities required for transformation leaders, the program's main feature is to gain knowledge, mindset, and experience through repeated input and output and the running of the experiential learning cycle.

  • Select key personnel
    in HR meetings in
    each function

  • Conduct in 3 levels, and
    develop transformation
    leaders in each level

  • Accelerate transformation by
    setting 5 leadership capabilities
    as a common language

Leadership training program for female employees

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan believes that diverse human resources are the source of realizing the "Business as usual is not an option", and has established systems to realize diverse work styles. CCBJI promotes active roles of female employees as one element of diversity, and provides them with development opportunities to become a powerful engine for the company's growth.

In the three leadership trainings that are conducted in each level targeting selected female employees, participants draw their future ideal states as career visions, having understood their strengths and challenges, and foster skills and mindset to realize such visions. At the same time, we also provide the female employees' supervisors who will be the biggest supporters and sponsors of their success with trainings.
And participants network each other to share their career concerns and challenges for balancing between various life events and work, and increase fellows with whom they raise their awareness and improve their skills together.

Career support

For the purpose of encouraging each and every employee to proactively think about their own career and their supervisors to support their capability development to achieve them, we conduct the Career Plan/Development Plan once a year. In the Career Plan, employees examine their short-term/mid-term careers they aim for, including their desire to transfer, health, and family situation, etc. In the Development Plan, employees identify their own strengths and capabilities that need to be developed in the job, and develop action plans and conduct regular reviews with their supervisors. Through regular reviews with their supervisors, we are creating a mechanism to be able to realize careers that are unique to them.

Self-development program

We have established a reward system to support each employee's "I want to learn!", and are rolling out about 500 different courses. We also have courses which allow participants to gain skills that match each business needs in methods according to the study style of each employee, to deepen expert knowledge on areas of interest, and to obtain qualifications.

  • E-learning

    You can learn as much as you want to from more than 250 courses

    Provide wide-ranging courses that respond to various needs, including business skills and expert knowledge, etc.

  • Unlimited learning for fixed annual fee

    (Partial company subsidy for course fees)

    • Online English lessons

      Respond to all levels from elementary to advanced

      Provide environment that allows learning regardless of time and place for the purpose of global human resources development

    • Textbook-based correspondence courses

      More than 250 practical correspondence courses are available

      Provide many practical courses, such as qualification courses and business and career certification courses, etc.

  • Reward system

    (Refund available upon achievement of completion requirements)