Sense of duty and meaning in a mission to personally protect an organization of this scale

Business Systems Division
Security Services Department, Cyber Defense Section

*As of 2021 Dec.

Keisuke N.

He joined the company in 2021. At his previous job, he was involved in the sale, etc., of security software, and he was responsible for operating and maintaining IT systems. In order to use that experience at the company, he joined the Cyber Defense Section . In his free time, he enjoys playing his favorite games and futsal.

Question 1

Please tell us about your work.

My role is protecting the company against cyber-attacks from all across the world.

With the recent switch to digital, the need is increasing for cyber security to prevent cyber-attacks from all across the world with the aim of information tampering or leaks. The Cyber Defense Section is responsible for the cyber security of the entire company. I operate and maintain security software. Accordingly, I am responsible for monitoring for cyber-attacks and responding if they occur, and I am also responsible for verifying software and introducing new functionality. The company handles products from international brands and is a large organization with about 16,000 employees. My sense of duty toward this security role is my daily motivation.

Question 2

What is satisfying about your job?

There is knowledge and experience that can only be gained from a large organization.

I am currently responsible for the overall security of the company, including measures for personnel and physical measures. This security field is different from my previous job, and there are many things to learn through the course of work. Also, by cooperating with employees from other departments, I have broadened by viewpoints and discovered and realized new things. Every day I experience the enjoyment of learning about work in occupations with a different way of thinking or in which I have no experience. The company is a leader in the drinks industry. There is knowledge and experience to be gained specifically by being responsible for its security. There are many times where I notice my own growth, and this is one form of meaning in my work.

Question 3

What is your team like?

We actively communicate even while working from home.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, working from home has been standard since I joined the company. Team members are not able to meet directly, but we regularly stay in contact through chat software or by phone. Before joining the company, I thought that this kind of work would be performed silently, but team members communicate with each other, and the department can unite toward the same goal. In a good way, things are different than I expected. Every week we have the opportunity to have a free discussion with our supervisors, and even from home, we are able to properly share information on the activities of the department and the progress of our work.

Question 4

Message for applicants

You can face challenges in line with the way you want to grow

In the future, I want to try setting the cyber security policy for the entire company. I think there is experience that can only be gained from this company, and this leads to meaningful work and greater self-confidence.