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*As of 2021 Dec.

Tomotaro S.

He joined the company in 2013. He was involved in establishing a start-up while still a student, and then he gained experience as a project manager at a web consulting company. He had no experience in sales, but after joining the company, he acquired this know-how and is currently on path to becoming an online sales manager.

Question 1

Please tell us about your work.

I am responsible for customer sales for a major EC site that is significantly growing.

With the effects of COVID-19, the scale of the EC market has been recently undergoing significant growth. I am responsible for customer sales for a major EC site. I make agreements with customers for yearly targets, and I create and execute annual action plans to achieve targets through sales and campaigns on EC sites. The scale of the EC market for goods is certainly expanding due to COVID-19, but the scale of sales through online channels is still too small for the company, and this is an opportunity for significant growth. I want to keep up with market expansion while maintaining our existing large share on major online retail sites.

Question 2

Why did you join the company?

I wanted to work more in my own way.

Previously, I worked at a web consulting company, but I was recruited by one of my seniors who had transferred to the company. This was around the birth of my daughter, and if I worked here, I thought that the work style could provide a good work/life balance. I had experience in web consulting, but none in sales, and the training right after joining the company was very useful. The company invests a lot in the growth of its employees, and I think this is highly attractive for future hires.

Question 3

What is your team like?

Each team member has a different approach towards their targets. They face tough challenges.

Our department was already working from home before COVID-19, and we were already doing online sales meetings with customers for a number of years. Therefore, we had no issues with the current style of remote work. We do not have many opportunities to meet team members directly, but we are frequently in contact even outside of regular meetings. The members of the team are mostly individuals who had already established a career in or out of the company, and the management policy allows them to choose how to approach targets. Because this channel has room for growth, the free ideas, bold plans, and challenges undertaken by each member will contribute to the future stabilization of online sales.

Question 4

Message for applicants

The company provides great opportunities for growth and meaningful challenges.

The company's corporate climate affords employees the freedom of ideas to try new things and improve online channels. Let's support the company together by trying new things!