Contributing to the stable operation of one of the largest logistics bases in Japan with the skills I have cultivated

Supplychain Transformation Senior Group
Saitama Program Department

*As of 2021 Dec.

Natsuko S.

Joined the company in 2019. Previously worked for a global logistics consulting company, where she was involved in setting up logistics bases. After joining the company, she was assigned to a project for a logistics base. She often works with supervisors and partner company representatives from different countries, and is making the most of her language skills to carry out her duties.

Question 1

Please tell us about your work.

Working to improve transportation efficiency for the Saitama Mega DC

In February 2021, the Saitama Mega DC, an automated distribution center with one of the largest storage and shipping capacities in the Coca-Cola system in Japan, went into operation and was designed using the knowledge gained from the Shinsei Project, which is promoting the optimization of our distribution system. I have been participating in the Saitama Mega DC project since just after I joined the company. When I first joined the company, I was in charge of schedule management, and now I am working on improving the program to increase transportation efficiency for stable operation. In order for machines to perform at the same or a higher level than people, it is essential to further develop the program. We are working to bring out the full potential of our facilities and to create a logistics hub that can maximize productivity.

Question 2

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

My first experience of work on this scale, with new insights and growth every day

Currently, the Saitama Mega DC is working towards stable operations (as of September 2021). In my previous job, I was responsible for similar tasks, such as setting up logistics bases, but this was my first experience of being involved in a supply chain base of this scale. Through my current work, I am now able to see and understand the end-to-end process, from production to the delivery of products to customers, and move toward the required results from a higher perspective than before. In addition, I have gained many new insights through communication with my colleagues and related departments, and I feel that I am gaining extensive knowledge and skills in the field of logistics every day.

Question 3

What are your future goals?

In a time of great change, there are sure to be places where you can contribute with your skills

I hope to grow while demonstrating my skills in a place where I am needed. I joined Saitama Mega DC because I found the job very attractive, and I thought it would give me experiences that I had never had before. My current job is very rewarding and fulfilling. In addition, our company continues to undergo major changes, such as the plan to build a Mega DC in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture. In this context, I would like to identify how I can contribute with my skills and actively challenge myself. I believe that there will always be opportunities for me to be satisfied and to grow.

Question 4

Message to applicants

A place where you can achieve what you want to achieve, if you have motivation.

The appeal of our company is that you can find a role and a way of working that suits you. I have been able to accomplish most of the jobs I set out to do and the requests I wanted to fulfill. I am sure that there is a position in our company in which you too can play an active role.