The scale of this new project is really rewarding in a way that I have never experienced before.

Alcohol Business Division
Alcohol Sales Department, National Alcohol Sales Section 1

*As of 2021 Dec.

Eri N.

Joined the company in 2019. Having previously worked for 14 years as a sales representative for a Japanese sake manufacturer, she is now an account manager for alcoholic beverages in her department. She is an all-rounder who is also responsible for coordinating logistics, as well as a busy mother who is raising a child.

Question 1

Please tell us about your work.

Responsible for sales activities of our alcoholic beverages, which are attracting a great deal of attention in the industry

I joined the company in 2019, when the Coca-Cola system in Japan launched Lemondo, the lemon sour specialty brand, nationwide. I am in charge of sales to supermarkets operating in Tokyo. Since alcoholic beverages are sold through wholesalers, I conduct business negotiations with wholesalers, and then propose such things as new products, campaigns, and sales space planning to supermarket buyers. “We make our own trends in the industry!” With this kind of enthusiasm, we are working to expand sales.

Question 2

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The excitement of being a part of a new business and my desire to contribute to the future growth of the company

Previously, I worked for a Japanese sake manufacturer. I joined the company when I was thinking about changing jobs and the timing of the nationwide launch of Lemondo coincided with my interest in Coca-Cola's alcohol business development. Immediately after joining the company, I witnessed the tremendous response to Lemondo and realized that I was playing a part in the development of this new business line, which gave me a sense of scale and interest in the work that I had not had in my previous job. Alcoholic beverages are a new category for our company, and we are expecting growth in the future. Lemondo's brand recognition has increased, and I would like to continue to be involved in the field of alcoholic beverages in order to further accelerate the growth of the company's alcoholic beverage business line.

Question 3

What was the best part of joining the company?

I can meet a variety of people and grow as a person, as well as spend more time with my family

Since joining the company, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of people, including salespeople in charge of the same accounts. It has been a great opportunity to gain new sales know-how and insights. In some cases, I was able to make use of my experience from my previous job in sales activities, which led to the signing of contracts with new customers. In addition, I am able to work flexibly and telecommute, which allows me to spend more time with my family. When my child's nursery school was closed due to the government's declared state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to ask for a babysitter using a system that fully subsidizes childcare expenses. I am glad that I joined the company because it has a system in place that allows me to work fully on my career while raising a child.

Question 4

Message to applicants

Believe in the potential for business growth and take on challenges together

Our alcohol category has the potential for further business growth depending on our efforts over the next few years. Please join us in taking on the challenges of the alcoholic beverage business while bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry.