Responsible for implementing a new system in a position where I can fully utilize my skills and experience

Capability Development Division
Commercial Talent Growth Department, Digital Learning Platform Section

*As of 2021 Dec.

Holly M.

Joined the company in 2021. Became interested in Japan through manga and anime, and studied at a Japanese university. Currently works mostly from home. Hobbies include drawing portraits and illustrations, and collecting music records and cassettes.

Question 1

Please tell us about your work.

Responsible for implementing a new e-learning system that offers a variety of programs

I am working on a mission to implement a Learning Management System (LMS) for Commercial (Sales Department) . Our goal is to create a learning environment where the participants can learn efficiently and improve their skills regardless of time and place by providing a variety of programs that will help them hone their research, sales, and negotiation skills, organized like a university curriculum. In addition to this, another fun part of my job is that in other projects I participate in, I have the opportunity to use my past experience of learning motion graphics to, for example, insert graphics with the image of carbonated bubbles into promotional videos.

Question 2

Why did you decide to join the company?

Being needed by others is a great motivation

I have worked in digital marketing in the US and marketing research in Japan. I wrote a video cover letter about my career experience and posted it on social media. I received an offer from the company through LinkedIn, and was given the opportunity to speak with my current supervisor. During the interview, I was able to fully understand how the company was a world-class bottler, and that my skills and experience matched the role they were looking for, so I decided to join. I have always loved Japan and the Coca-Cola brand, so being able to be involved in the implementation of the LMS in such an environment has increased my motivation for my work.

Question 3

How do you do you feel, now that you are working at the company?

Active communication within teams and working groups

I work mostly in Japanese, but with the attentive support of the members, I don't feel any language barrier. Even when I work remotely from home, I can communicate with my colleagues without feeling like I'm working remotely, starting with greetings in the morning, sharing news and videos, and sometimes having one-on-one meetings over lunch. Recently, I have been participating in a working group that focuses on such things as diversity, inclusion and equality. I would like to contribute by utilizing my past work experience and skills in graphics.

Question 4

Message to applicants

A corporate culture that respects diversity without language or cultural barriers

Our company is a great place to work, with generous support from superiors and colleagues. We also respect diversity, and we have employees of various nationalities, including American, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. From my own experience, I believe that you will be able to work here without feeling any barriers stemming from the language or Japanese culture.