Expanding the market share of new brands and experiencing genuine responses to personal growth

COSTA Coffee Project
COSTA Ambassador Section 3

*As of 2021 Dec.

Takuro Y.

He joined the company in 2015. He started anew following his previous job in the office appliance industry, and after joining the company, he started a career in retail food sales. He is currently a member of the COSTA Coffee Project. His happiest moments are spent relaxing with his wife and son.

Question 1

Please tell us about your work.

I am responsible for corporate sales of a new coffee brand with the aim of increasing its market share.

The company began handling COSTA Coffee, one of the largest coffee brands in Europe, in 2020, and we are creating a market for it in Japan. In order to increase the market share of this new brand, I am responsible for sales to corporations, which are mostly major food and drink chains. We are always striving to create proposals to solve problems faced by customers, and with COSTA Coffee, we engage in sales activities that focus on the coffee's high quality in order to make agreements with new customers and also to increase the number of orders from existing customers. We can expect sales routes to expand as brand recognition increases.

Question 2

What is satisfying about your job?

I meet with many people inside and outside of the company, and this helps with personal growth.

My current work related to COSTA Coffee sometimes requires work across departments. By sharing information and engaging in sales activities with soft drink sales staff responsible for the same customer, I think I have established many more relationships across the company. There are opportunities to meet and cooperate with many employees from Coca-Cola (Japan), etc. Each person has a different set of values, and I am able to grow by learning new things through each interaction.

Question 3

Why are you glad that you joined the company?

I have a flexible working style that contributes to emotional fulfillment and work performance.

The company encourages a work style that values a work/life balance. The company recently introduced a super flextime system that achieves a greater degree of work flexibility. Our superiors regularly state that a fulfilling private life provides emotional fulfillment, but physical and emotional fulfillment also improve work performance. My current goal is to increase the market share of COSTA Coffee, but another goal is to be actively involved in creating a work environment where department members can work while being emotionally fulfilled.

Question 4

Message for applicants

You can use your time efficiently with a flexible work style.

With recent changes in work style, I have become more aware of my schedule in order to achieve the greatest results during my work hours. In the sales department, going directly to the destination and then back home is recommended in order to improve work efficiency. Additionally, our time is used effectively because of the introduction of super flextime and remote work.