High-quality logistics operations through the use of the Coke One infrastructure system

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*As of 2021 Dec.

Ryuun Y.

He joined the company in 2005. He is from Sumoto, Awaji Island. He had no industry or occupational experience but, after joining the company as a mid-career hire, he now handles various logistics duties. He has been in the Operation Section since October 2021, where he is involved in logistics operations using the Coke One infrastructure system. In his free time, he enjoys sports with his children as a means to get exercise.

Question 1

Please tell us about your work.

I use the Coke One infrastructure system to handle shipping operations for multiple locations.

The company is running a project to optimize the logistics system across 37 prefectures. The Coke One infrastructure system was recently introduced, and it centralizes the management of inventory and sales information from all areas. The Operation Section uses this system to perform operations such as making reservations for product orders (ensuring inventory) and instructing shipments. In the past, these operations were performed by each product shipping location, but the operations of several locations can now be performed by one person through Coke One. A team of seven covers the work of eighteen locations. As sales channels diversify, we are active in providing efficient and stable logistics through cooperation across locations.

Question 2

Why did you join the company?

Thinking about the future, I wanted to work in my hometown. I also wanted to embark on a new challenge with a company that handles a brand I admire.

I was working in Hyogo prefecture for my previous job, but with the birth of my child and the thought of subsequent childrearing, my wife, who is also from the same town, and I moved back. When I was looking for a new job, an acquaintance introduced the company to me. Honestly, I was largely attracted by Coca Cola, which is a brand I admire. After joining the company, I worked in shipping and managed orders. Currently, I use Coke One to manage the orders of multiple locations. It is very meaningful for me to be able to work toward the company's mission of “delivering happy moments to everyone while creating value.”

Question 3

What are your future goals?

I want to incorporate our strengths to achieve high-quality logistics operations.

There is still room for improvement in logistics operations with Coke One. The goal for the near future is to achieve higher quality logistics operations by sharing effective ways to use the system with the locations we are responsible for. I also want shipping operations to be able to be handled remotely. Last year I participated in internal training. I met employees from other departments, and I was exposed to various viewpoints and ways of thinking. My current department is composed of employees from logistics and also with different backgrounds such as sales. Logistics is a broad department involving work with people. I think the shortcut to higher quality logistics operations is synergistic cooperation based on an understanding of each other's strengths.

Question 4

Message for applicants

Join a company with a clear idea of how you want to work

The company allows a clear separation of work time and private time, and it is possible to have a work style that values family time. Accordingly, I think it is important to join a company with a clear idea of the work style