I want to continue to meet the expectations of my project members and my former supervisor who scouted me

Commercial Service
Vendor Partnership Department, Commercial Business and Process Improvement Section

*As of 2021 Dec.

Fabian M.

He joined the company in 2021. He joined the company after being scouted by his supervisor from his previous job. He is currently involved in a project to improve Commercial (Sales Department ) work processes. He enjoys watching soccer and F1 in his free time. When he has time, he takes short trips around Japan with his wife.

Question 1

Please tell us about your work.

I am involved in improving work processes related to improving efficiency and performance.

My role is to provide know-how on improving the efficiency of work in the Commercial and managing the performance of its members. This requires an understanding of the end-to-end work processes from manufacturing through the delivery of products to a customer. For example, in the Alcohol Business Division, I have proposed a transition from the existing data management procedure to RPA (robotic process automation) and a system for easily managing KPIs (key performance indicators) from the Tableau dashboard. Through this work, I want to create valuable insight to contribute to the performance and results of team members, manager tracking management, and development of skills.

Question 2

Why did you join the company?

I decided to switch jobs after hearing the frank opinion of my former supervisor who scouted me.

At my previous job, I was also involved in improving work processes, and I wanted to try applying my skills and experience at a different company. My former supervisor joined this company and scouted me, saying that my skills were needed to achieve targets. Generally, recruiting agents focus on promoting the positives, but my former supervisor openly told me about the company, what work would be like after changing jobs, and the effect it would have on my career, which helped me make the decision. In the end, I accepted the offer. I believed that changing jobs would be beneficial for my former supervisor, the company, and my future self.

Question 3

What have you learned through your work?

I want to support employees who positively approach solutions to issues in work processes.

My department has a multinational team with individuals from Asia, Africa, etc. We actively communicate, and we have one-on-one free discussion meetings once a week. Besides myself, everyone is skilled with Japanese, and their support in coordinating with other departments, etc., has been helpful. I fully utilize my skills and experience by cooperating through a project with my former supervisor's team. Many of the company's employees feel that work improvements are necessary, and they actively ask for the means to achieve them. I believe that there is value in being able to work toward solving problems as a group.

Question 4

Message for applicants

You can establish a good career through superior study programs.

The skills and results needed to reach the next step are clear, and there are many study programs. Anyone can grow steadily for the future after joining the company.