ABOUT About Learn from the Forest Projects

We hold the Coca-Cola "Learn from the Forest" projects in order to raise awareness
about the importance of conserving water and preserving nature.
In water resource areas of our 12 plants, community residents,
employees and their family members learn
about the importance of the indispensable water through the water
resource conservation activities such as planting trees,
thinning forest undergrowth, experiencing rice planting and harvesting, and trying woodworking.

Q:We hold environmental education programs in various locations to raise awareness of the importance of conserving ●● and preserving nature. We are also actively working to revitalize ●● to enhance their ability to replenish themselves—through activities tailored to each area such as tree planting, thinning forest undergrowth, flooding rice fields, and regenerating grasslands—in order to return to nature a volume of water equivalent to what we use in manufacturing our beverages. What are the words that go in ●●? ※This is a special hint for you! We conduct water resource conservation activities in various locations. Application period:Monday, December 28,2020 Tuesday, January 12,2021

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The Coca-Cola Learn from the Forest Projects 10 winners will get a woodworking kit !!(Wooden bench) Height:380mm/Width:950mm/Depth:330mm
Promotion details
The Coca-Cola "Learn from the Forest" Projects
woodworking kit (Wooden bench) will be presented to 10 people!!
How to apply
During this period, please enter your answer to the quiz, zip code, address, name, age, and phone number in the entry form and send it from your computer or smartphone.
* You can only apply once from either computer or smartphone.
* Please note that we will not accept any questions regarding lottery results.
Drawing and Announcement
After a strict lottery, we will send the announcement with notification of winning and shipping of prizes.
* Prizes will be delivered around the end of January 2021.
* Please note that the notification of winning and the delivery of prizes may be delayed due to various reasons.