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April 22 is Earth Day Together, let's think about environmentally friendly actions.

April 22, 2021

Do you know that April 22 is the date of Earth Day?
It was said that April 22 was declared as an anniversary triggered by a movement initiated by congressmen of the United States as a day to think about the global environment in 1970. In Japan, active undertakings began in 1990. Although interest in SDGs has increased in recent years, global environmental efforts have been a long-standing activity.

We, Coca-Coca Bottlers Japan Group, also aim to achieve its sustainable growth by contributing to the society and economy through its efforts to create new value by using natural resources like water, which is indispensable for the group to continue performing its business as a beverage company, and raw materials needed to manufacture and deliver high-quality and high value-added products to all its customers and consumers.
This time, we highlight promotion of "Bottle-to-Bottle" which is one of the initiatives for "World Without Waste" Coca-Cola System upholds.

■Less usage amount of plastics newly manufactured from petroleum with 100% recycled PET bottles: recycled PET resin usage reached 28% in 2020

Coca-Cola system in Japan is promoting the bottle-to-bottle initiative to give new life to used PET bottles collected by upholding 2030 Package Vision in 2018. In 2020, introduction of 100% recycled PET bottles to I LOHAS brand and other projects significantly helped reduce usage amount of plastics newly manufactured from petroleum.

We also achieved 28% in the usage of recycled PET resin as of last year, while aiming to hit 50% by 2022, as well as non-use of petroleum-derived raw materials to new PET bottles by 2030 etc.

■Phased introduction of "Help us recycle" logo to further contribute to a recycling society

Have you noticed "Help us recycle" logo on the label of I LOHAS products lined up in store recently? As part of our activities to enable a plastic recycling society, we will gradually introduce common "Help us recycle" logo to all recyclable product packages.

■Offering an environmentally friendly choice to everyone who picks up our products

We have also made it easier for consumers to choose environmentally friendly products in store etc. by indicating 100% recycled PET together on the label of bottles that are made with 100% recycled PET resin.
We are making progress to achieve a highly ecological product lifecycle based on the 3 pillars, "Design", "Collect" and "Partner".

■Your choice and the right recycling activities lead to the future

Even the act of drinking beverages in daily life leads to efforts to care for the global environment, in choosing environmentally friendly products, sorting PET bottles according to the proper collection method etc.
Together, let's think about environmentally friendly actions in daily life, taking advantage of Earth Day as a good opportunity.

*For other initiatives on environmentally-friendly resources, please check here.

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