Coke ONTMDownload & W Stamp Campaign Kicks Off!

Coke ON ™ Download & W Stamp Campaign Kicks Off!

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. has launched a special promotional activity "Coke ON TM Download & W Stamp Campaign" exclusively for the members of the fitness club TIPNESS. The campaign designed to promote the widespread use of Coca-Cola smartphone app "Coke ON TM " and the benefits it provides to the users is scheduled to run until August 31, 2019.

  • Coke ON ™ Download & W Stamp Campaign Kicks Off!

During the campaign period from 7/15 (Mon) to 8/31 (Sat), a poster to notify this campaign will be attached to the Coca-Cola vending machines placed in the fitness centers run by TIPNESS. On the poster, there will be a QR code (URL) from where "Coke ON TM " app can be downloaded. TIPNESS members who download this app for the first time will all be given 5 points. On top of that, for every purchase of Coca-Cola products made through the vending machines placed in TIPNESS-run fitness centers where this campaign poster is attached, the app users will be given double (W) points!

This will be a great opportunity for the members of TIPNESS this summer to gain extra Coke ON TM points when they choose to rehydrate themselves with products* they purchase from Coca-Cola vending machines** placed on site after they perspire in intensive exercises.

  • Coke ON ™ Download & W Stamp Campaign Kicks Off!
【Coke ON TM Download & W Stamp Campaign exclusively for TIPNESS members】
Campaign period From July 15 (Mon) to August 31, 2019 (Sat)
Availability Vending machines** placed in TIPNESS and FastGYM24 fitness centers nationwide where the campaign poster is attached
* Only Coca-Cola brand products are applicable to this campaign.
** Excluding vending machines for cup and pack products