Coca-Cola Red Sparks Rugby Club created a YouTube account!
Launching a new program based on Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan's "Health Declaration"!

The Coca-Cola Red Sparks Rugby Department has launched a new plan based on CCBJI's Health Statement.
CCBJI has been taking measures to promote employees' health and distributed an original program of "Sawayaka Stretch" by Coca-Cola Red Sparks Rugby Club on our internal SNS, and in recognition of our efforts, we have been certified as an outstanding organization engaging in health and productivity management (White 500)
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As a company that has made a "Health Declaration", we want people from a wide range of generations, from children to adults, to enjoy being physically active, so we have decided to distribute videos of "Sawa Tore (Sawayaka Training)" on YouTube to help our important stakeholders improve their health, even while working from home!

The very first video that we post features Taichi Yoshizawa, a speed player who plays around the world.
Please watch the video and follow along the training!!

~Let's try Sawayaka Training "Sawa Tore" No.1~

“Coca-Cola Redsparks”YouTubeURL:

We will continue to be the preferred partner of our customers and create value for them through our mission, "delivering happy moments for everyone while creating value". Coca-Cola Red Sparks will keep posting "Sawa Tore" videos to help you practice heathy habits. Please look forward to the updates!!

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan's "Health Declaration"!