Two Coca-Cola Red Sparks players, CCBJI employees, appear in new Coca-Cola TV commercial "Coca-Cola Olympic Sports Design bottle" (15 sec)!

~ Giving away sets of one Coca-Cola case (24 bottles) and autographed balls of the two players in commemoration of the appearance~

Have you seen the commercial of "Coca-Cola Olympic Sports Design bottle" (15 seconds), which began TV broadcasting on March 10?

In the commercial, the sports design "pictograms" of skateboarding, hockey, and rugby collaborating with the athletes convey the dynamism of the sports.

Of the athletes, the hockey and rugby players are CCBJI employees who belong to Coca-Cola Red Sparks!

◇Hazuki Yuda from Coca-Cola Red Sparks Hockey Team

Hazuki Yuda
Hazuki Yuda

◇Taichi Yoshizawa from Coca-Cola Red Sparks Rugby Team

Taichi Yoshizawa
Taichi Yoshizawa

We have received comments from Yoshizawa, representing the two.

【Comments from Yoshizawa】

◆Hard part about the commercial shooting

I was asked to create a feeling to give it a punch just like in a real match. It was hard for me because I was supposed to do it for the camera, not a person.

◆ I want you to focus on here!

The commercial is focused even on minute movements. Please watch it over and over again.

◆ Message

When I first heard about the offer for the TV commercial, I was very happy. Because it was great that rugby had been picked up among many other sports, and that I had been chosen among many other players, and I also felt honored as a Coca-Cola fan.

At the same time, I wanted to meet the expectations from everyone.

I owe what I am today to those who have supported me because I couldn’t have come so far with my ability alone. So I will try hard to meet your expectations without forgetting the feeling of appreciation. I would appreciate your continued support.

Taichi Yoshizawa

Dynamic actions of the two bring soul into the sports design pictograms! Both players are working hard every day for the final selection for the Japan national teams.

”Once in a lifetime" has already started! Check out the powerful TV commercial!

★TV commercial →

★Coca-Cola Brand Website →

This time, we will give away 6 sets of autographed balls of the two and a case of Coca-Cola Olympic Sports Design bottles 500ml (24 bottles) (Hockey 3, Rugby 3)!

autographed balls
Taichi Yoshizawa

To apply, please send an email to us ( with the following information.

1.Shipping Address
3.Phone number
4.Name of sports of desired ball (hockey or rugby)
5.Comments on the TV commercial, and messages for the two.

*Application deadline: April 30
*Winners will be notified by delivery of the prize in the mail.
*The personal information provided at the time of application for this gift will be used only for communication and shipping if you are selected. Please check our privacy policy for additional information.

【Profiles of players】

Hazuki Yuda
Hazuki Yuda

Date of Birth: July 11, 1989
Employment date: Apr 1, 2013
Academic history: Hagoromo Gakuen High School
Home town: Osaka Prefecture

Major accomplishments
Women's senior national team player (CAP87)
2007 U18 Japan national team player
2008 U21 Japan national team player
2014 World Cup (Hague, Netherlands) *10th place
2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) *10th place

Taichi Yoshizawa
Taichi Yoshizawa

Employment date: Apr 1, 2014
Academic history: Shochi Fukaya High School → Rissho University
Home town: Saitama Prefecture

Major accomplishments
Rugby Sevens Japan national team player (CAP11)
2013 The 27th Universiade Championship 2013 (Kazan, Russia) *Plate runners-up (6th place overall)
2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 (San Francisco, USA) *15th place
HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series Played in 3 consecutive games (2017, 2018, 2019)