"Coca-Cola + Asken" vending machines help employees manage their health!

Though the companies are expected to actively promote health management for their employees, some of them may not know where to start. In light of this, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. launched "Healthy VM spot produced by Coca Cola + Asken (Healthy VM)" on December 2, 2019 in collaboration with unerry, inc. and asken Inc.
In this initiative, "Healthy VMs" will serve as the "Health Spot" and help employees manage their health without any cost incurred to their companies.

Five reasons why employees can pursue their health using "Healthy VMs"

How will the "Healthy VMs" support the employees' health once they are installed in their companies?
There are five reasons to install them.

  1. (1) Raise the awareness on health through visual impact
    Firstly, "Healthy VMs" are in original wrapping. Every time you buy a drink, you will see "Healthy VM Spot" and "Dietitian for you" that raises your awareness on health, and encourages you to install a health management app "Asken" on your smartphone.
  2. (2) Asken app sends you "Health Column" articles
    When you approach your smartphone with Asken app to a Healthy VM, the beacon in the VM detects it and sends you a "Health Column" article. The perimeter of the Health VM becomes "Health Service Spot" by this feature, which helps you raise awareness on health.
  3. (3) Record your meals and workouts for health management
    You can track your meals and workouts using the app to sustain the health consciousness that has grown in you. Keeping records every day will help you raise awareness on health management.
  4. (4) Receive advice from AI dietitian
    Asken app sends you "Advice from AI dietitian" based on meal examination using the recorded data. Employees will follow the advice from the AI dietitian and try to improve their meals and workout volume.
  5. (5) Help stay motivated by sending drink tickets
    Though we are aware of what is better for health, it is hard to keep track of food and workout everyday. The app rewards you with up to 2 "Coke ON Drink Tickets" that can be redeemed for your favorite Coca-Cola products if you meet 2 conditions; "Record meals for 10 days in a month" and "Approach "Healthy VM" on 10 different days in a month". This will help employees stay motivated to manage their health.
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