Make your drink premium with a little extra touch!
Do you know "Mocktail at home", the new way of enjoying drinks?

Do you know Mocktails?

'Mocktail' is a word coined by the combination of 'mock' meaning to resemble or to imitate and 'cocktail', as a new way to call a non-alcohol cocktail.
Fruity & stylish is the basics of 'Mocktail' that has been gaining popularity in London as a drink to enjoy alcohol-free beverages! It's become popular as a special drink which allows even those who can't drink or a designated driver to enjoy.

Do you know that you can also enjoy "Mocktails" casually at home?
At the Real Sampling Promotion, which was held the other day featuring hot new products and services, we set up the "Mocktail at home" booth to allow visitors to get in touch with its world.

In addition to sharing recipes and holding a tasting session of "Mocktail at home", which makes everyday life a little more premium with a little extra touch to the usual drinks, we also suggested the new way to enjoy drinks at home through a presentation and a concept movie by a representative.

Many people stopped by at the Mocktail booth, and a lot of great posts were made on SNS and blogs even after the event.

Mix your favorite Coca-Cola products and add some cut fruits to create your own special drink in no time!
Mocktails can create a kind of special atmosphere in any scene, even you are at a usual place, or with a usual partner. We hope you enjoy 'Mocktails' with your family and friends!

The recipe video of "Mocktail at home", which help you to casually enjoy Mocktails is available! Please see here.