Energize Ehime! Pump it up with BALZ!!

Energize Ehime! Pump it up with BALZ!!

Energize Ehime! Pump it up with BALZ!!
Supporting Nanyo region with a local
mocktail using Ehime's signature product
Sampling party at TOIYACHO BALZ

Heard of mocktail?

Mocktail coins the words mock and cocktail and is a new name used to refer to non-alcoholic cocktails. An fun event was held in Ehime to offer people a taste of such mocktails.


The venue was "TOIYACHO BALZ," which offers a wide variety of menu items.

Two local mocktails were introduced at the event using "Aomikan-no-shizuku" produced locally in Akehama-cho, Seiyo City, one based on "Coca-Cola TM" and the other on "Canada Dry Ginger Ale TM," and were offered at the sampling party.

"Aomikan-no-shizuku" used for the local mocktail is a product from Nanyo region, known for its refreshing scent and mild acidic flavor. The drink was quite popular as we heard comments like, "It's refreshing and easy to drink."

This event was realized with the support of TOIYACHO BALZ and our wish to assist the people of the region working hard to recover and reconstruct from the torrential rains in July 2019 under the slogan "Working hard! Nanyo".*1 The Chinese char. for Ai (愛) is the same one used to spell Ehime (愛媛) in Japanese.

  • State of the shop
  • State of the shop2

Along with the sampling party, the many outlets in BALZ offered food menus* using "Aomikan-no-shizuku" and other local mocktails*. It was an excitingevening which included a tuna-cutting show and samplings of the recently popular "Coca-Cola Energy" drink!

If you have a chance to visit Ehime, be sure to drop by "TOIYACHO BALZ"!

*Offered only at the event.

  • local mocktails
  • In the crowded store
  • a tuna-cutting show
  • Coca-Cola Energy” drink