What we are doing

  • We promote healthier living by supporting efforts to reduce the incidence of lifestyle disease and raising awareness of proper hydration.
  • We comply with international standards and local laws and regulations within our value chain, which extends from raw materials procurement to delivery of products to consumers, and engage in rigorous quality control to ensure delivery of safe,trustworthy products.
  • We provide products and services adapted to customers' diverse situational needs in an extensive and varied product line-up.

SDG-related Initiatives

3.Good Health and Well-being

3.Good Health and Well-being

12.Responsible Consumption and Production

12.Responsible Consumption and Production

CSV Goals (Creating Shared Value) *The base year is 2015 and the target year is 2025 unless otherwise noted.

  • 100% : Zero / low-calorie products for core brands
  • 300% : FOSHU / functional label products (through sales volume increase)
  • 100% : Front of pack calorie label & straightforward nutritional information

Supporting Consumers' Health with an Extensive Product Line-up

We offer a wide product line-up adapted to diverse needs. We have responded to growing health consciousness with products such as mineral water, non-sugar tea, and no-calorie beverages, and in recent years we have also expanded our line-up to include Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) and Foods with Function Claims. We support our consumers' lifestyles through products that provide overall refreshment and contribute to improving health.

Products and services that support consumers' health

Coke ON Walk

Coke ON is a smartphone app that enables consumers to collect one stamp for each beverage purchased at compatible vending machines and then receive a drink voucher when they have collected 15 stamps. The app now features the Coke ON Walk function, which enables consumers to collect stamps for achieving certain walking targets. Through rewards for reaching cumulative step goals and special events, we help consumers develop healthy habits.

Coke ON Walk


We are expanding the ways in which we can support a variety of consumer lifestyles by proposing a range of mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) recipes for the enjoyment of people who do not drink alcohol.


Drinks with no artificial coloring

“Fanta Grape” and “Fanta Orange” have no artificial flavors or coloring, and “Minute Maid Qoo Wakuwaku Orange” has no preservatives or artificial coloring.

Drinks with no artificial coloring

Launch of our first Aojiru product

In December 2016 we launched our Aojiru drink with fruit juice, “Minute Maid Oishii Fruit Aojiru”, under the “Minute Maid” juice brand. This is the first collaborative product with our group company Q’Sai Co., Ltd.
The Aojiru drink uses high-quality kale grown in Japan with no pesticides or chemical fertilizer under a rigid management structure at Q’Sai. Kale has received high recognition in recent years as a “super green and yellow vegetable” with excellent nutritional value among the many vegetables and fruits in the market.

*Sold in Coca-Cola vending machines in our business areas and through the Q’Sai official internet site.

Various package sizes

We offer various package sizes to match consumers' tastes and drinking occasions.

Open communication and correct information

In the Coca-Cola system, we strive to provide easy-to-understand product information to consumers so they can manage their health and choose the beverages best suited to their individual needs. This includes product explanations on our website and calorie information on the front of nearly all Coca-Cola Company products*.

Furthermore, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Holdings Inc. conducts programs for local community residents in order to help support active, healthy lives and lifestyles through beverages.

* Front-of-package calorie information is not provided for fountain beverages (including products for in-cup vending machines and dispensers), returnable bottles, powdered products, diluted products, or water (non-sugar and unflavored).

Hydration seminars

Hydration seminars

There has been an increase in heatstroke and other health incidents related to high temperatures and humidity in recent years, and proper hydration during daily life and recreational activities has become more important than ever. Since we manufacture and sell beverages, we work toward the prevention of heatstroke through providing hydration seminars for schools, various organizations, and companies.

At these seminars, we communicate the importance of hydration and replenishing minerals, and the basics of preventing heatstroke.

In 2018, we held 44 hydration seminars, which were attended by around 7,000 people. Participants indicated that they had learned when to effectively hydrate and now understood the need to hydrate frequently. We will continue to communicate information about proper hydration to as many people as possible and contribute to the prevention of heatstroke and related incidents.

Drink Education seminars

Drink Education seminars Drink Education seminars

In addition to hydration seminars, we have begun holding Drink Education seminars to familiarize people with beverage categories and how to select the products best suited to specific occasions and current physical condition. In 2018, we held summer school programs, which involved Drink Education seminars and plant tours, at our plants in Zao, Tama, Tokai, and Kyoto.
Some 1,600 students and their guardians participated.

At the seminars, we explained the differences between FOSHU and Foods with Function Claims, since these categories are sometimes confused, as well as how to read packaging labels in order to find helpful information, such as ingredients, nutritional content, calories, and expiration dates. Participants commented that they had learned how to select beverages suited to their circumstances and that they want to apply what they learned in their daily lives.

We will continue to provide beverage information and actively assist our consumers in selecting the products best suited to their lifestyles and needs.

Policy on health and wellness

We operate our business along with the following policy on health and wellness.

1.Disseminate information on products and services
(1)We work hard to offer products and services that contribute to maintenance and enhancement of health and wellness including FOSHU (Foods for specified health uses) and FFC (Foods with Function Claims) together with partner companies such as Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd.
(2)We also strive to provide comprehensive and sufficient information related to health and nutrition through indications on packages and explanations on website etc.

2.Awareness raising and provision of programs
We will widely communicate active and healthy lifestyles through various media through our efforts to spread correct knowledge on health and nutrition. We will actively conduct various seminars to prevent heatstroke or lifestyle diseases as well as health-related programs.

3.Compliance of laws and regulations
We comply to health-related laws and regulations, ordinances, various agreements and voluntary standards. We also strive to gather related information at all times and respond speedily and appropriately while closely coordinating with relevant administrative agencies, industrial organizations, NPO/NGO, academic/practitioner experts, partner companies and others.

4.Supplementary provision
The policy is enacted and enforced effective January 1, 2018.