Together! There are people waiting for us, every day.

We wish to express our sympathies for those who have been affected by the novel corona virus (COVID-19). We also appreciate those who have been helping others dealing with these difficulties now.

During this outbreak of COVID-19, the safety and health of our consumers, customers and our employees, especially those on the front-line working daily to produce and supply essential goods and services, is our number one priority. Our Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan mission is to deliver happy, refreshing moments to everyone, even in challenging times, and we have been working with comprehensive business continuity actions in place to ensure safe and secure product supply and promoting the sharing of values which corresponds to societal changes and "life with COVID-19".

We provide products and services that are indispensable to everyday life, and for our business partners, we will provide support plans to overcome these difficulties together.

Support Plans

For business partners

・Super markets, drugstores, and discount stores

1. Case sales

We have prepared a plan to meet the growing demand for case sales. This will also reduce the operation loads for things such as stocking.

2. 350ml 700ml PET

We have a selection of products such as 350ml for individual use and 700ml for households.
*Limited areas only

3. Other Sales Support

We have posters and various promotions to support sales. Please contact your sales person for details.

・Online stores

Online-exclusive label-less products, "Ayataka", "Sokenbicha", and "Canada Dry The Tansan Strong" are available. The label-less products will remove the trouble of separating the wastes, responding to the increasing demand in home as we shift into the new normal.

・Grocery stores, liquor stores and restaurants/cafes

We have various programs and please contact your sales person for details.

For customers

■Donating products

1. Free provision of beverages to "Designated Medical Institution for Infectious Diseases" and others through Japan Medical Association

To back up the medical personnel who are engaged in the response to the COVID-19, Coca-Cola System has started the "Refresh Japan" program to donate about 1,300 thousand bottles of beverages to medical institutions, etc. Deliveries from each CCBJI sales center to the designated medical institutions for infectious diseases started from mid-May through Japan Medical Association.
See here for details. (Japanese)

2. Donating products through food banks

As a contribution to society, regarding the spread of the novel corona virus, we have agreed to donate 7,497 cases (165,228 individual beverages) to facilities such as children's cafeterias and children's centers via 19 Food Bank organizations in 13 prefectures in our sales territory. We made our first donation of 4,153 cases (76,422 bottles) in April this year, and we are making our second donation this time.
A food bank is an initiative or group that provides food, which was disposed of but is still fit for consumption, to people and organizations in need. We have entered into partnerships with food banks such as Second Harvest Japan, which was the first food bank in Japan and is a member of the Alliance of Japan Foodbanks, and the Food Bank All Japan Association, to carry out initiatives regarding food donations.
See here for details.

■Free provision of simple face shield using recycled PET material

Coca-Cola System has produced approximately 11,000 simple face shields using recycled PET materials and has begun donating them to medical institutions throughout the country through public organizations.
The system will also utilize the face shields in daily operations which require human contact in each of the system company.
See here for details. (Japanese)

■Vending machines

1. Antivirus/antibacterial film to be applied to vending machines

We are continuing to support the vending channel for safe, easy, and convenient access to our products. Our people are on the front lines every day providing this essential service to you as our social mission. As part of this effort, we started applying antivirus/antibacterial treatment to its vending machines with RIKEGUARD® V, an antivirus/antibacterial film developed by RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION from the middle of June.
See here for the details.

Film-applied selection buttons

Film-applied dispensing slot (flapper)

「SIAA」sticker image

2. Exercise lessons on "Coke on" app

The Coca-Cola Japan Company provides exercise lessons that everyone can try easily at home on their official app "Coke on".
See here for details.(Japanese)

Our Initiatives

we have been working on initiatives to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and help maintain everyone's health during these times.

Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders by taking thorough measures to prevent infections, work from home and online business meetings with customers, and partitions for social distancing

Introduced "COVID-19 Contact-Confirming App (COCOA)" , the app endorsed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for all of its approximately 17,000 employees who use the company smart phones

Promote bicycle commuting to support employee mental and physical health and to help relieve stress while commuting.

Trainings from Red Sparks Rugby

【There are people waiting for us, every day】Message Relay

Information from government and local governments

Support Measures for Companies Concerning the Impacts of the Novel Coronavirus Disease

We hope that the spread of the novel coronavirus will begin to recede as soon as possible. We will continue to work together with everyone under the mission we have set forth.