Peak Shift Vending Machine

Peak Shift Vending Machine
Peak Shift Vending Machine
This is a vending machine that can supply cold drinks at any time for 24 hours a day even when the power for cooling is stopped completely for 16 hours at the maximum including the peak power consumption period in summer. It goes without saying that the machine can also function in this way during winter, making it possible to stop the cooling operation for a maximum of 14 hours.

Power for Cooling Is Stopped During The Day when Power Consumption Is at the Peak and Cooling Is Done During the Night!

It is called peak shift because electricity consumption is shifted to avoid peak periods.
The products kept in the machine are chilled to below 5oC during the night when there is more power to spare, and this will keep the products cool even during the day.
That’s why
the power used for cooling is completely zero for a maximum of 16 hours including the peak period of power consumption (8am-10pm)!
During the day, only standby power for operating the machine is used.

  • ※1Based on power consumption rates on days with the highest demand in summer 2012 of power companies. Source: Created from published data of power companies.
  • ※2Standby power required for selling products will be incurred even if cooling is stopped during the day. Depending on the location where the peak shift vending machine is installed, the settings may be changed so that the cooling operation is stopped during the night and turned on during the day. The cooling operation may also run during the day after products are replenished.
  • ※3This refers to “equalization of time bands for electricity demand” which is expected to be stipulated in the revision of the Act on the Rational Use of Energy which was enforced from April 2014.

10 Keywords for Understanding The Peak Shift Vending Machine

  • The power used for cooling is completely zero for a maximum of 16 hours!
  • Power consumption during day time in summer is reduced by up to 95% at the maximum.
  • During the day, not only do the products themselves play a role as a heat insulation material, the insulation and airtightness of the door has been improved, making it difficult for cool air to escape, so that beverages can be kept cool at any time for 24 hours.
  • The cooling capacity is better than conventional machines. This machine is recommended for mass selling or concentrated selling because it can cool beverages quickly.
  • Not only power consumption during the peak period in summer, but the annual product power consumption can also be reduced.
  • The Global Warming Potential value is “1.” The machine uses a non-CFC natural refrigerant which has the least impact on global warming.
  • The machine uses new LED lighting so that both ends of dummy products are also brightly lit up, contributing to energy conservation.
  • When the cooling operation is stopped, the machine is so quiet that it only produces a sound that is “as quiet as the sound produced when gently erasing the word with a piece of eraser”, so this machine is highly recommended for hospitals and offices.
  • Under the Act on the Rational Use of Energy which was enforced from April 1, 2014, “from 8am-10pm during summer (July-September) and winter (December-March),” targeted business operators are obliged to carry out equalization of electricity demand, and the peak shift vending machine meets the provisions of the Act on the Rational Use of Energy.
  • The machine is designed with another energy conservation feature in the form of a motion sensor. If a person comes near to the machine, it will light up, and when the person walks away, the light is switched off quickly.