Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan sustains the “customer driven” and “community-based”. These have been consistently passed down in the history of integration, and we will retain this solid attitude even after expanding the business area.
We will make growth with you by staying close to community and providing for years to come.

Coca-Cola "Learn from the Forest" Project was held in Ena City in Gifu Prefecture on 9/16.

【Sep. 19,2017】
Participants enjoyed harvesting activities at Sakaori Rice Terraces to be the forest which serves as a water source for the Tokai Plant and later took part in a woodworking workshop in which they made bird houses and whistles. Although it was rainy, rain is essential in making Coca-Cola products. Fortunately everyone could enjoy these special rainy day activities!

“I LOHAS AMAOU” is a product from Fukuoka prefecture made from AMAOU extract.

【Sep. 27,2017】
We began selling this product in February limited to the region of Kyushu. The product received a lot of positive feedback and we soon received strong demand to make the product available nationwide. On the day the product was released (September 25th) we made a courtesy visit to Fukuoka prefecture with “JA FUKUREN”.
Please enjoy the rich and sweet flavors of AMAOU.

Qoo presents new product to the Ehime Governor!

【Sep. 14,2017】
In anticipation of the renewal of "Qoo Mikan" that Contains Ehime Mikan extracts, Qoo presented "Qoo Mikan" to Ehime Prefecture mascot Mikyan and Governor Nakamura at a special event on 9/12!!
Although Dark Mikyan tried to crash the commemorative shoot, "Qoo Mikan" was safely delivered.
Afterwards, Qoo took a tour of the Ehime prefectural government office, handing out “Qoo Mikan” and hugs to the staff

The coffee flavored Coca-Cola, "Coca-Cola Coffee Plus" debuts in Japan!!

【Sep. 11,2017】
You can enjoy the refreshing carbonated sweetness together with the well-balanced taste of coffee. Strongly recommended for adults who are looking for a crisp, refreshing taste. Limited to vending machines, now on sale in Kanto, Tokai, and South Tohoku area.

“ZERO calories, ZERO drinking and driving!”

【Sep. 01,2017】
Recently, the “ZERO Drinking and Driving” event was held at Uminonakamichi Bridge in Fukuoka city to promote the eradication of drunk driving.
In addition to informational pamphlets and other materials, Coca-Cola Zero was distributed to drivers in support of the event.

Georgia’s “The Premium Hour” campaign starts today!

【Aug. 27,2017】
On August 25th (a Premium Friday prior to the launch), we conducted nationwide sampling events for Georgia The Premium in five major cities.
Within the CCBJI area, we took a moment show our appreciation for the hard work of people in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.
This campaign is aimed at all the hard workers out there!
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