Introducing our business in different venues

Introducing our business in different venues

In office(Major construction company)

User-friendly vending machines support us at construction sites and offices
  • Long-established win-win relationship for further growth

    Takaichi Marutani
    Marketing Support Department

    Long-established win-win relationship for further growth

    Our department has a mission to support our company's businesses and group companies, and we introduce their vending machines to each department in case of that Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan has needs of placements. I usually recommend Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan with confidence because of the high demand in Coca-Cola products and their wide varieties.

    In the meantime, I am also provided with proposals for a number of times to directly express our company activities, one of which is a wrapping vending machine to appeal our preservation efforts for Yoshinoyama cherry trees in Nara Prefecture. With the help of Coca-Cola’s name value, these vending machines present good opportunities for many people to see our initiatives. I feel quite comfortable for their response capabilities to meet our all kinds of needs.

    We also build temporary houses to take part in the reconstruction business. If vending machines with new features, such as working as a power source in case of a disaster, I think we can take an important role in the society together with Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan.
  • Convenience of the vending machines is the best feature

    Kaoru Umeki
    General Affairs Department

    Convenience of the vending machines is the best feature

    One of my responsibilities is to manage the vending machines in our HQ at which approx. 1500 employees work.

    We have many Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan’s vending machines in the building, and what I evaluate the highest is their convenience. We can purchase the products with an employee card as long as we put money on the card. Many employees collect points by buying the products every day with the smartphone app “Coke ON”. The prizes of purchasing the products are also very popular, and they sometimes become a conversation piece of our daily communication. It is the planning ability of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan that has brought about these large and small creativities.

    Also, the staff members who come to fill the machines are always friendly. As a person who is in charge of the building management, I feel comfortable leaving the job to them.
  • Rich variety is indispensable at construction sites

    Minori Wada
    Head Branch General Construction Division

    Rich variety is indispensable at construction sites

    I take on a role to recommend the placement of Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan's vending machines as part of the sales supports of construction projects.

    We have many sites, including private houses, apartments, and buildings, and we place many vending machines for a long time at some of the large sites. For people working onsite, hydration is essential. Especially in summer, vending machine placement becomes important as an anti-heat exhaustion measure. Coca-Cola’s rich lineups, such as Aquarius, I LOHAS, and Georgia series, well satisfy our needs.

    I want to respond to meet with further needs of the workers onsite for the future. I will check up Coca-Cola’s new products and supply the sites with the best lineups.

Comment from sales rep

I try to offer proposals that match the customers’ business types and locations, such as mineral water, coffee, and teas for offices.
This time, we placed a vending machine compatible with a smartphone app “Coke ON”. The app offers a free ticket for every purchase of 15 bottles and allows the ticket to be given as a gift to others. It was a nice surprise when I heard our employees send the tickets to others to thank them for their kindness and that helps the communication inside the company. Through Coca-Cola products, I will continue to help the company to create a worker-friendly work environment.

※Position given is accurate at the time of interview