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“Why I work for Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan” #1 Iwatsuki Plant Manufacturing Section, Toshiki.S

December 17, 2021

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"It makes me happy to see my products in stores"

We carry out our daily operations with the aim of achieving our "mission" of delivering happy moments to everyone while creating value.
In our "Why I Work at Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan" series, we will focus on some of the people who work at our company and interview them about what kind of work they do in order to deliver these happy moments.
For our first installment, we interviewed Toshiki-san, who has been with the company for two years and works at the Iwatsuki Plant in Saitama Prefecture.

――Why did you join this company?

At a research presentation during graduate school

Since I had conducted research on guerrilla rainstorms in graduate school, I wanted to find a job where I could utilize my knowledge of water. When I started job hunting in 2018, I took part in an internship at the Tama Plant in Tokyo, and I was drawn to the idea of a job where I would be involved in manufacturing products that would then take shape and be released to the world. After that, I was lucky enough to join the company.
By the way, guerrilla rainstorms tend to be more acidic than normal rain. Their composition also varies depending on the area in which the rain falls, with urban areas containing more substances derived from exhaust gases. When I was a student, I did my research out in the rain!

――Is there anything that you were glad you did while job hunting?

In my case, I looked into a wide range of companies, not just the ones in industries I was interested in. I think it was a good experience, because you don't often have the opportunity to visit as many companies as you do when you're looking for a job. Also, I was able to sort out my own priorities and hopes, like what I wanted to do and what was non-negotiable for me. I recommend trying to broaden your horizons.

――That's true, it's a chance to check out a lot of different companies!
Next, I have a question about your current work environment. First of all, please tell us about what you do at work.

Currently, I'm involved in the manufacture of small PET bottle products, like tea and coffee, in the 280 mL to 350 mL range at the Iwatsuki Plant in Saitama Prefecture. I'm in charge of PET bottle molding and the bottling of product liquid inside the bottles. We are focused on increasing the operation rate of our machines and work hard every day to ensure that we can efficiently manufacture safe, high-quality products.

――Is your job different from how you thought it would be before you joined the company?

Since I had originally interned at the Tama Plant, I had some idea of what it would be like to work here, so I didn't feel like there was a big difference. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the factory was much cleaner than I had imagined. I was expecting that some areas might be a little dirtier, but that was not the case at all.

――How is the workplace atmosphere?

We work in teams of four to five people each, and I am impressed by the strong sense of solidarity between members. I'm only in my second year, so there are some operations I'm still not used to, but the senior colleagues on my team all have strong technical skills, so I can work without worrying. It's also been a great learning experience, as I need to be knowledgeable about the machines I'm working with.

――What is a "happy moment" you experience in your current job?

Definitely when I see products that I manufactured in a retail outlet. The manufacturing date and the plant are printed on the cap of the product, so I can tell right away. I'm especially fond of the Coca-Cola product Sokenbicha, so I'm even happier when I see any Sokenbicha that I helped manufacture!

――You're right, it's great to see the products you've been involved with take shape.
One last question! What are your goals for your future career?

This is only my second year, so I'd like to learn more about my current work first. I'm a very curious person, so in the future I would like to try out a variety of jobs rather than be a specialist in only one field.
Even so, I think that the "Learning" part of our Mission, Vision, and Values is an important mindset to have when doing any job, and I want to keep it in mind as I carry out my day-to-day work!

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