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July 1 to July 7, 2022 is "National Safety Week" ! Introducing the "Safety Learning Center" at Nagoya Office - Learning about safety through accident simulation

June 20, 2022

July 1 to July 7, 2022 is "National Safety Week". It was established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to promote voluntary activities to prevent occupational accidents in the industrial sector, and to promote public safety awareness and spread safety activities. This is the 95th year, and it has been continuing every year since its establishment in 1928.
About "National Safety Week":Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan has been constantly striving to create and nurture a safe culture to protect the safety and health of everyone working in the Group, on the basis that "safety and health take top priority."

As part of our efforts, we opened the training facility "Safety Learning Center" in Nagoya office last October, which uses original VR videos and other features to provide a more immersive experience of occupational accidents and to increase sensitivity to risk.

Today, we will be introducing training details and new initiatives kicked off at Nagoya's "Safety Learning Center" this year!

■ Training content at the "Safety Learning Center"

Training is mainly divided into three sections: "classroom training", "simulation training" and "VR training". To begin, participants study the status of occupational accident occurrences and preventive actions in the classroom training.

Then in the simulation training, simulators are used to experience entanglement accidents from rollers, shafts, belts, etc., as well as electric shocks.

Simulation of getting your finger caught in the belt
Learning how to properly wear a safety belt by actually getting suspended
Simulation of getting an electric shock when wet
Simulation of getting your arm caught in a roller

In the final "VR Training," VR videos are used to simulate falling from the roof of a route truck or from a stepladder when replacing fluorescent lights. The VR video is an original video featuring stuntmen wearing Coca-Cola uniforms so that employees get a better feel of their day-to-day business.

The video also introduces causes of accidents and prevention measures to learn about how to avoid accidents.

Our original VR video to simulate falling from the roof of a route truck.

■Background to the establishment of the Safety Learning Center:
Interview with M-san of SCM OE/SC Capability Dept COE Section

The purpose of health and safety training is to "prevent occupational accidents". To prevent occupational accidents, the people who supervise employees and employees themselves need to learn about potential occupational accidents and how to prevent them. However, classroom sessions or OJT are not enough to actually experience an accident and heighten sensitivity toward danger.

In view of this fact, some of our plants have succeeded in preventing occupational accidents through safety training aimed at increasing sensitivity toward danger using simulators. As such, the Safety Learning Center was established in Nagoya office to further reduce occupational accidents companywide through simulated safety training for employees and partner companies.

■This year's new initiative:
On-site training, sending equipment to Sales Centers

"Safety Caravan" is a new initiative launched this year to deliver safety training to remote employees and partner companies by sending equipment to Sales Centers and conducting training on-site. The first Caravan was held at Hiroshima Sales Center in May, where 126 employees and partner companies participated, mainly from Commercial and Logistics departments. More Safety Caravans are scheduled this year at several different sites.

Post-training employee survey (excerpt)

・I was able to experience first-hand, the importance of prioritizing safety and making safety first.
・After actually experiencing the dangers, I want to tell my colleagues about it.
・I felt the need to communicate this to the visitors and the people on site, across all depts.
・I will make sure that rules are strictly followed, by making people think "this may happen" rather than "it should be okay", to prevent employees from unfortunate incidents. It made me think about how poorly aware I had been.

With the Safety Learning Center in Nagoya office and Safety Caravan activities, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan will continue to protect the safety and health of everyone working in the Group on the basis that "safety and health take top priority," and to create and nurture a culture of safety founded on mutual trust and practice.

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