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248 new members join the company to deliver happy moments together at Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan

April 05, 2021

On April 1, an initiation ceremony for Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Group was held. Same as last year, the event was held online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At the ceremony, two representatives of the new employees appeared on the stage to make a speech in English. Click here for the summary of greetings from Representative Director and President Calin Dragan.

■Concept is "ONE TEAM"

Executives and new recruit representatives
All participated in the matching T-shirts

The 2021 Initiation Ceremony was held under the concept, "Let's boost Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Group with "ONE TEAM"! —Aiming for the strongest team which delivers happy moments to everyone—". Not only as a simple ceremony, but the event was held also for the purpose of encouraging new recruits to "have self-awareness and pride of becoming members of CCBJI" and "creating a sense of oneness as the Group".

The event was composed of a ceremony and a reception. At the ceremony in the first part, in addition to the greetings from Calin-san, Bjorn-san, and Kado-san, 2 new recruit representatives made a speech in English, followed by broadcasting of pre-recorded video messages of a few new recruits from Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Vending Inc. and Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Business Services Inc., the group companies who jointly held the initiation ceremony, expressing their joy of entering their companies and aspirations for their future.

■All participants toasted with "Coca-Cola"!

Head of HR & GA Uemura toasting together!

At the reception in the latter part, full-participation events were held to facilitate bi-directional communication to avoid unilateral communication that tends to occur in online events. First, led by the new recruit representatives, participants toasted with Coca-Cola which had been delivered to each employee's house in advance. All of the new recruits, who looked tense at the ceremony, put on a refreshing smile and celebrated this memorial day together.

After that, activities to deepen interaction between new employees and senior employees, "Challenge-the-1 Game" and "Team Fastest Finger First" were held. In "Challenge-the-1 Game", each of the participants except for the question giver created a question to which only one of the team members would say yes and answer each question using Zoom's voting function. It brought so much excitement that it made us forget the distance. And in "Team Fastest Finger First", participants were given questions related to "Coca-Cola". The teams worked on the quiz, and were able to create a sense of oneness while having fun.

All new recruits ended their first day as members of society in the reception which was designed to convey the atmosphere of the company and employees even though it was an online event. After receiving trainings, they will be assigned to sites in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and 35 other prefectures to deliver safe & secure Coca-Cola products and happy moments to our customers. Everyone, thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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