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Measures against heatstroke in the "with corona" era

August 31, 2021

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In the midst of severe heat conditions, heatstroke prevention is becoming more important than ever, with the need to wear masks to prevent Covid-19. As 30-40% of heatstrokes occur in homes*, we need to pay attention even when we're at home, since we tend not to feel thirsty or hydrate so often.
* Source: Emergency transportations for heatstroke (FDMA)


Do you know the truth about heatstroke?

Our bodies are about 60% water, and the water in our body plays an important role in regulating body temperature. When you lack body water under heated conditions, the body has difficulty regulating the temperature, causing dizziness, headaches, or nausea. This is heatstroke.


Hydration isn't just about water. It's about "water + the right amount of minerals"!

Since our bodies contain "salt (sodium)" as well as water, we need beverages that contain the right amount of salt when we replace the water lost from the body.

"Aquarius" with minerals is recommended for heatstroke prevention

"Aquarius", the No.1 selling sports beverage*1for anti-heatstroke, uses demonstration videos etc. to raise awareness about hydration, which is essential for preventing heatstroke. (See here for details in Japanese. *Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd.)
*1"Sales performance by brand in 2019 in anti-heatstroke beverage market (TPC Marketing Research, Corp. study)"

We display anti-heatstroke posters with our products on the sales floor to communicate the importance of hydration.

[Our anti-heatstroke initiatives]

We are involved in initiatives that only we can do as a soft drink manufacturer & distributor, deepening ties with our customers and the region and building relationships for mutual growth.

1. Hydration seminar


We hold hydration seminars for schools and various associations/corporations to raise awareness and help prevent heatstroke, which has been on the rise in recent years. In the seminar, we try to explain in simple terms, proper hydration approaches in various everyday scenarios, the importance of replenishing water and minerals, and the key points to preventing heatstroke.
In 2019, we held 38 seminars around the country, attended by nearly 6,100 people.

Online seminar

Since 2020, we have been using online meeting systems to hold online seminars, communicating remotely to a wider audience in the hopes of contributing to heatstroke prevention.

2. Installation of anti-heatstroke vending machines

Vending machine installed at Fujiidera City Daisan Junior High School

In June, we installed anti-heatstroke vending machines in two public junior high schools in Fujiidera City, Osaka. This was part of the Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement signed between CCBJI and Fujiidera City in October 2020. After receiving input from parents and students about the need for hydration among students, especially those involved in after-school club activities, and the stress of carrying water bottles, we agreed on installing anti-heatstroke vending machines. (See here for details.)


[Our internal anti-heatstroke initiatives]

We operate approx. 700,000 vending machines in our sales areas in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and 35 prefectures. And we try to create a safe working environment for employees working outdoors, filling and maintaining vending machines managed by our company, and loading products from our route cars.

1. Summer style

Beginning this year, vending machine operations staff are wearing “summer style” as a measure against heatstroke. The traditional uniform was a long-sleeve/short-sleeve shirt with pants, with a jacket in the winter, but the new "summer style" is a 3-piece set that includes a polo shirt, shorts and assist tights. The staff can choose either one depending on the weather. (See here for details.)

2. Route car sticker

As an anti-heatstroke measure for route car drivers, we attach a sticker to the side of the car that says, "I may remove my mask after securing sufficient distance from my surroundings,"" so that employees can work outdoors with priority on health and safety. We also distribute salt candy and cooled towels in our regional sites.


Prevention is very important for heatstroke. Gain proper knowledge about hydration and heatstroke, and pay attention to heatstroke prevention measures to protect you and your family.

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