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MEET UP! event – a joint ceremony held for prospective employees expected to join the Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan group in 2022

October 28, 2021

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On Friday, October 1, the prospective employees expected to join the Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan group in 2022 were invited to an event titled MEET UP!, which was held as a welcoming ceremony jointly hosted by Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan and three group companies, FV Japan, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Vending and Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Business Services.

Same as last year, the event was held online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This event was organized to help the newcomers get to know each other and some of their future senior co-workers in hopes of giving them some idea of what to anticipate and look forward to when they start working as fresh CCBJ group employees next year.

They all appeared in front of the Zoom screen with a backdrop prepared by CCBJ Recruitment Section just for this event, wearing a "Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Class of 2022 T-shirt" that was designed exclusively for them. The members of the Recruitment Section who they got to meet during the recruiting period also participated in this event to renew their acquaintance.

Original T-shirt

Zoom backdrop

Head of HR & General Affairs Uemura opened the event by delivering a message to the prospective employees that was filled with high expectations.


■ Summary of Uemura-san's opening message

"I thank you all for choosing Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan from all the various options you may have considered as your future workplace and for participating in this ceremonial event we held for prospective employees today. I feel very happy greeting you today and welcoming you next April when you formally come on board as the new members of the Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan group.

Our corporate philosophy, "Mission, Vision and Values" or "MVV" and our associated slogan "Paint it RED! Mirai o nurikaero (Let's repaint our future)" represent our strong commitment to achieve sustainable growth while continuing to create value, and our guiding principles for fulfilling our Mission, realizing our Vision and embodying the Values we define as our behavioral guidelines. I look forward to seeing all of you join our concerted efforts to live up to the "Mission, Vision and Values" after becoming a part of our family next year.

You still have around six months before joining the Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan group. In other words, you still have that much time left to enjoy the final phase of your college life before becoming a new grad. Please make the best use of this remaining half-year period. The reason why I say so is because what you experience and acquire as knowledge during this period will definitely be your help when you enter the labor force. As we are undergoing dynamic changes in the market environment and consumer needs, we welcome your fresh ideas and opinions and have high expectations of you serving as our new source of inspiration."


Thinking about the future career

After listening to the opening speech, the prospective employees participated in activities separately organized by each group company. Two activities were organized by CCBJI, namely, the "Senior Employees' Career Analysis Workshop", and "Q&A Session with Senior Employees, which were both intended to help the newcomers picture their early career path after they join the BJI workforce.

First, they were split into small teams to discuss the issues laid out in the "Senior Employees' Career Analysis Workshop". They listened to what the senior employees had gone through themselves when they joined the company, how they developed their career to date and what they felt were the turning points in their private life. Based on what they heard from the senior employees, they created a Lifeline Chart for each.

After creating the Lifeline Chart, they moved on to the "Q&A Session with Senior Employees", where they actively raised questions that stimulated their curiosity, ranging from "What made you decide to join this company?", "Did you find any of the knowledge and skills you acquired in college useful when you were working as a vending salesperson?", "Did you devise any new ways to make more effective use of your strengths?", "What kind of colleagues would you like to work with?" to "What do you expect from newcomers?" and others.


Making a toast to celebrate their formal job offer

After completing the group work and exchanges with senior employees, it was time to kick off the main program that everyone was waiting for - a special dinner to congratulate them for being officially selected as next year's prospective employees. The dining program began with the chef explaining about the different assortments of the menu used to create this special dinner pack that had been delivered to their homes in advance, followed by a toast to celebrate this memorable evening.

A message card from the Recruitment Section that was attached to the special dinner pack



Closing message from the Recruitment Section

Did you find anything inspiring while tracing the career path the senior employees have been paving to date? What we would like to offer you as a closing message is a piece of advice that there is no one who has the same career. But you will all have equal opportunities to grow big through the work you engage in Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan group and your efforts to conquer the numerous challenges you will encounter on the way. You will be able to find yourself enjoying a moment of happiness when you can perform well by utilizing what you are good at doing, overcome your weakness, or discover something new is growing inside you. We will be delighted if you could cherish that moment of happiness as a meaningful experience worth pursuing as one of your motivations to work for Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan.

To all the prospective employees,
We hope you had a great time participating in this MEET UP! event. We look forward to meeting you again next year, this time as co-workers!

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