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What is CCBJI's "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement", a collaboration with local governments for community revitalization?

October 12, 2021


Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan has entered into a "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement"* with local governments, based on the concept that the health of the community is a prerequisite for sustainable business activities, and has been helping each local government improve its resident services and vitalize its community.

As of September 2021, we have concluded the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" with 47 local governments and are working to ensure that we can deliver happy moments to everyone in the communities. This time, we will introduce some of distinctive activities that we work on with the local governments using the framework of the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement".

*What is a Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement?
The "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" is an agreement that sets out a broad framework for local governments and private companies to work together to address various issues that the communities face and solve them by utilizing their knowledge.


1. Support activities for healthcare workers in the community
Donation of Coca-Cola products, and creation and exhibition of "message mosaic art" for healthcare workers

The situation where there are many people who are affected by the coronavirus outbreak and need support continues, amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this situation, we are working with local governments that have the most detailed understanding of local conditions, and continue to donate our products to healthcare workers, taking advantage of cooperation with the local governments based on the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement."

In addition, in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture with whom we have concluded the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" in February 2020, a "message mosaic art" was created in cooperation with one of their local high schools, Hanasaki Tokuharu High School, and its exhibition traveled mainly to medical institutions in Kazo City.

This "message mosaic art" was created by a total of 1,920 students, teachers, and other staff members of Hanasaki Tokuharu High School. They wrote their messages expressing their thoughts on each individual's card to healthcare professionals working on the front lines dealing with infectious diseases, and put these message cards together to create a huge message of two kanji characters meaning "Thank you."


2. Support for the education sector and dissemination of local information
Installation of vending machines for heatstroke prevention and distribution of information through the use of digital signage

We installed vending machines as measures to prevent heatstroke in two public junior high schools in Fujiidera City, Osaka with whom we have entered into the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" in October 2020.

As activities with wearing a mask increased in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, priority is placed on heatstroke measures more than ever before. As such, it was decided to install the vending machines. Our vending machines have been utilized to improve self-teaching abilities of students, such as defining rules themselves for using the vending machines when they were installed.

Each junior high school is designated as an evacuation shelter in the event of a disaster, and the installed vending machines serve as "disaster-relief vending machines" that provide beverages free of charge in times of disaster.

We installed a digital signage in the city halls of Shiroi City, Chiba Prefecture and Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture with which we have concluded the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" in November 2020 and February 2021, respectively, for the purpose of offering area information.

This digital signage displays a wide variety of content, for example, information about the city's programs and events and introduction of local produce and specialty according to the seasons, in addition to distributing information on COVID-19.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a function to display evacuation shelters and hazard maps in the event of a disaster, and is designed to switch the monitor to provide earthquake and other disaster information in case of emergency.


3. Support for local environmental measures
Implementation of "PET bottle collection project" and installation of "Food Loss Prevention Vending Machines"

We have set up an "automated PET bottle collection machine" in the city hall of Higashiyamato City, Tokyo, with whom we have signed the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" in October 2020, and work on a PET bottle collection project with the city.
The "automated PET bottle collection machine" installed in the city hall was replaced with a new one with the "Help Us Recycle" logo in September of this year to encourage the citizens of Higashiyamato City to more easily take part in the initiatives for a recycling society.

We are also working to install "Food Loss Prevention Vending Machines" in the hope that use of the framework of the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" will lead to greater awareness of food loss and waste among local residents. "Food Loss Prevention Vending Machines" are vending machines that sell products that have become surplus stocks at less than the usual price as "food loss prevention products" along with regular products. As of September 2020, a total of six "Food Loss Prevention Vending Machines" have been installed under the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, Kiyose City, Tokyo, and Namegata City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

These initiatives described above are just part of our many activities. We will continue to work with local governments under the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" to deliver happy moments to everyone in the community even more.

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