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CCBJI Museum opened at Tama Plant in Tokyo!

April 05, 2022


In January 2022, the company museum “CCBJI Museum” opened in the plant tour facility of Tama Plant.

The CCBJI Museum looks back on the history of the 12 bottler companies that once operated in various parts of Japan, from their origins to their merger in April of 2017 (Note 1). This museum was founded to express gratitude to the predecessors who laid the foundation for CCBJI, and to let visitors know that CCBJI intends to move forward with further developments.

Tama Plant is located in Higashikurume City, Tokyo and is the only plant in the Tokyo metropolitan area that offers a plant tour. The glass bottle production line can only be seen at Tama Plant, and visitors get to see the familiar Coke contour bottles flowing down the line (Note 2).

Due to the ongoing safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are still unclear about the timing to resume the plant tour, but here is a peak at some of the highlights of the CCBJI Museum!

*In June 2021, CCBJI launched “Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Online Plant Tour” so that customers who have been waiting for the resumption of the tour or that have not been able to visit due to distance, etc., can experience the plant tour remotely (online).

For information on “Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Online Plant Tour,” see here.

■Plant tour facility entrance

At the entrance of the plant tour facility, the museum’s signature monument has been set up to express appreciation to the senior members of the 12 bottler companies, the predecessors to CCBJI. In front of the monument is a nameplate, fitted with glass and engraved with the name of each bottler company.

■History area

This section introduces the history of Coca-Cola in Japan and the 12 former bottler companies based on 13 themes.

Customer reactions to the original launch of Coca-Cola

In the center of the photo is the Coca-Cola contour bottle from around 1956, when the first bottler company was established in Japan. It is displayed alongside comments of people surprised at the unique beverage, mistaking it for imported soy sauce, etc.

Community-based activities by the bottlers

We introduce various community-based activities by the bottlers through photos of past vending machine models, vending machines with wrapping, and outdoor advertisements displayed at symbolic locations in each region.

Photo spot where visitors can pose raising a toast with Coca-Cola products

Covered with a special sheet that reacts to the camera’s flash, the flash exposes a design not visible to the naked eye.
Experience a “sparkling moment” with Coca-Cola products.

■Blue sky photo section

Here are 38 photos of Coca-Cola trucks running through key attractions in each of our business areas, so that visitors can enjoy a feeling of touring through each area.

Tsunoshima Bridge in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture and a Coca-Cola truck

Shibuya Scramble Crossing in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo and a Coca-Cola truck

A Coca-Cola truck in the center of the Blue Sky Photo area

Products produced mainly in Tama Plant are on display.

We regard the plant tour as an opportunity to have direct communication with consumers, customers, and other various stakeholders. It shouldn’t be too long until we resume the Tama Plant Tour, where you can experience a plant tour not far from the city!

For the full news release on CCBJI Museum, see here.

(Note 1)
The Coca-Cola system in Japan consists of the Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Ltd., responsible for supplying concentrate, product planning/development, and marketing activities including advertising, etc., and bottler/partner companies that produce and sell the finished products. All of our bottler companies, including CCBJI, manufacture products under strict quality management at each plant, and through customers’ outlets and vending machines, deliver Coca-Cola products to consumers.
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. was established in April 2017 through the integration of 12 bottlers operating in various parts of Japan.

For information on “Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Online Plant Tour,” see here.

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