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135th anniversary of Coca-Cola!

May 10, 2021

This year marks the 135th anniversary of Coca-Cola that made its debut in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on March 8, 1886.
In 1886, which corresponds to Meiji 19 in the Japanese calendar, when the construction of the Statue of Liberty in the port of New York was underway, Coca-Cola was born at a pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, about 1,200 kilometers away. *For more details, please click here (Coca-Cola (Japan) Company (CCJC) website)

■Celebrating the 135th anniversary with employees

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan celebrated the anniversary by allowing employees of each Dept and Area to relay messages through the intra-net. With many employees congratulate by going back to the root that we represent "Coca-Cola" brand, happy smiles spread among employees via video.

■With "Coca-Cola" love...Memories surrounding "Coca-Cola"

Also toward May 8, our management sent an episode of such memories with Coca-Cola internally.

<Episode of Maki Kado, Head of Business Transformation>

I worked as a part-time employee for Shikoku Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd., 30 years or so ago. Since it was just after the opening of Seto Ohashi, there were various events, and I worked as an OTC sales person every weekend.
The joy I felt when people exclaimed "Phew, it’s delicious!" after drinking remains the same even now.


<Naruhiko Uemura, Head of Human Resources & General Affairs>

In my childhood, Coca-Cola was something special for my birthday that comes once a year.
I remember drinking it slowly while enjoying the taste. I used to feel that Coca-Cola celebrated my growth.

■We hope to continue delivering happy and refreshing moments to everyone

Coca-Cola has been loved through all these years, overcoming difficult times. We will keep on running to continue delivering smiles and happy moments to everyone!
Anytime, anywhere, for anyone! Please continue to support Coca-Cola. Kanpai!

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